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VLAN Groups

VLAN groups can be used to organize VLANs within NetBox. Each VLAN group can be scoped to a particular region, site group, site, location, rack, cluster group, or cluster. Member VLANs will be available for assignment to devices and/or virtual machines within the specified scope.

A minimum and maximum child VLAN ID must be set for each group. (These default to 1 and 4094 respectively.) VLANs created within a group must have a VID that falls between these values (inclusive).

Groups can also be used to enforce uniqueness: Each VLAN within a group must have a unique ID and name. VLANs which are not assigned to a group may have overlapping names and IDs (including VLANs which belong to a common site). For example, you can create two VLANs with ID 123, but they cannot both be assigned to the same group.